Top 5 Reasons to Place Your Reservation Now!


With the calendar now turning to February, the time is now to both submit your quote requests and actually place your reservations, especially for charters with dates in March, April, May & June. If your charter date touches a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it’s even more imperative to actually secure your transportation right away. This is not a cheesy sales pitch, as it might seem. Consumers who “drag their feet” to secure their transportation are often either paying premiums or even worse, dealing with the dreaded “Sorry, we are sold out”.... See below for the top 5 reasons it is in your best interest to place your upcoming reservation, as early as 6 months i...

Key Factors in Charter Cost

Below is a guide for what you should be aware of when chartering a vehicle. There are many key factors that make up the overall cost of your charter, such as:

Booking Date: Not surprisingly, deciding when to “pull the trigger” on your decision to actually place your reservation is a key factor in determining your charter cost. If you have a set event scheduled, it is in your best interest to place your reservation as early as possible. We recommend six months out, to receive your best pricing. Of course, sometimes an event is more of a “last second” necessity, usually due to a sporting event tournament, or even worse, you have been “dropped” by your previou...

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